Zula, Inc.
Mobile solution for team communication
  • Category:Mobile
  • Established At:2012
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  • Address:3 Columbus Circle NY, NY 10019 USA & Jerusalem, Israel

In a world which went mobile, we are living in a time where our 24/7 office is in our pocket. Out of office messages are a phrase which has lost it’s meaning. Our communication habits have changed and we all felt the need to bring email along for the ride. As a result, the way we work has changed but email didn’t. Zula is building a conversation platform for teams that will reduce dependency on email and increase productivity from mobile devices - moving from fragmented threads to a seamless stream of focused conversation. Zula offers all the tools a team needs for on-going interaction. 

The experience incorporates all elements of the average workflow including file sharing, group and one-on-one messaging, touch one-on-one and conference calling, a seamless on boarding process, the ability to take a poll as well as create events. With a cross-platform mobile app working to be a solution for team communication, Zula offers teams the ability to manage a task without the hassle of being glued to a computer.