Connect with your wedding guests in a way they will never forget
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"Forget Emily Post and traditional wedding etiquette. Modern couples are looking for innovative ways to make their weddings stand apart from the masses. Wedivite has introduced a product that may do just that." - AppVita 

Wedivite offers couples a free digital & mobile wedding invitation with a lot of amazing features.

Yay I'm getting married! what do I get from this amazingly awesome digital invitation?

Unique QR Code: You can invite your guests with your unique QR Code by printing it on your "real" wedding invitation or adding a printed QR inside your invitation's envelope.

RSVP: Guests confirm their arrival and add their guests to the list.

Directions: Guests get driving directions directly from your invitation and can even launch Google Maps or Waze in a single tap.

Songs: Guests suggest songs for your wedding party. PARTY ON!

Gifts: Guests send you wedding gifts via PayPal.

Greetings: Guests greet you in the guestbook and see other greetings.

Wedding Album: Your guests can upload and view photos live during the wedding and help you capture the moments your photographer has missed :)

Wedding Album Slideshow: Screen your live wedding album on a big screen or projector during the wedding, thus motivating your guests to take more pictures.