Advanced Maritime & Universal Logic Automation

"Superior Hulls Inc." is yet a private Canadian company in the yet new and advanced art of Making Boats Fly and Ships Surf plus "Universaly Inteligent, Nomadic, In-Cell Flexible Manufacturing" of our "סוּס-ים Flying Boats" products line.

The innovation of our Discovery Based, "Superior Hulls" design has led us to also design the creation of a nomadic robot which will form first the 'rigid hull' of our 1st line of products, so to create income revenues from the starting point of marketing our already market ready project, and as described in ->"my letter to investor"<-, the project is as wonderful as it is profitable, for the needed proper partners we now need and are seeking.

Our Nomadic Manufacturing Technology is also what will change the IT world, including the www internet; as it employs our USCIIIIII-Code for merging all existing natural-languages by the universal logic all humans are born with and use so to merge The Human Mind with The Electronic Brain by your personal voiceprint and natural speech comunications computers and robots can comprehend, on an intercultural translation level, by our proposed ->'Universal SynTexting Method for EchoLogical Machines'<-.   This is a lexical solution the industry needs to employ and develop as the standard for all future processing of data and wisdom plus facts.

Our combined Maritime and advanced-robotics' projects are far reaching, yet we can start making money as we use some of it to advance the development of what I have named as "The New Miracles' Numerical Machines" we all think of as the best GOLEM man can create in the image of self, as blessed by our creation in the image of our creator...

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Updated for simpler understanding
In order to be more simply understood, I have updated the information on the focus of our potentially combined projects. so you may get a clearer better picture of this very special opportunity, in Maritime as well as more advanced, nomadic manufacturing capabilities.
Jul 5, 2015 9:55 AM, by Amnon Michael Cohen
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Jan 12, 2014 9:25 PM, by Amnon Michael Cohen
$ 4,000,000
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