My Stores
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Our Vision:
Imagine a beautiful Shop, Marketing and accessible, offering quality products, brings together small independent business with an audience intelligent and sensitive customers, who wants to buy their products.Now open your eyes and you will find that the store exists in reality.

What we offer:
My Stores - B2C Internet shopping complex spectacular areas of independent art and design.
The shops are located at My Stores also connect to business fan page on facebook and customized for buying on mobile.
My Stores is the optimal solution for small businesses that need a suitable place to display their products - in very aesthetic form, available and

My Stores show, sell and buy items, beautiful and unique friendly interface and easy to use.

My Stores is a refreshing contemporary platform, based on the principles of ethical consumerism and fair economy.

Nice to be a part of it, easy and convenient to use, and a charming way to sell and buy.
$ 250,000
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