The New Generation of Recruiting

Employer - Looking for your next team member? Are you frustrated from the amount of time invested in finding the right candidate?

Job Seeker - Looking for your next job? Are you frustrated that your CV are laying there along with thousands of others without really reflecting who you are?


Candidates - Improve Your Chances To Get Hired! 

With its cutting-edge technology and design, Jovo offers a fun, interactive and effective way to discover new and interesting candidates who apply for jobs. JoVo brings your hiring team and candidates closer together by automating the recruiting process and creating a simple framework for better decision making.

JoVo also helps candidates to save time and efforts preparing their CV to each job they apply. With Jovo, people looking for job can now use a friendly interface and record themselves answering on interview questions without leaving their comfort zone. 

JoVo is not just a leading video interview platform, but also is a place on which HR managers and their teams can collaborate and share information about candidates who apply for jobs. With JoVo, companies can now save money and time by sourcing and screening irrelevant candidates. 

Candidates who want to sneak a peek on the company they considering applying to, can now do it, by watching the company's page with links to the company's YouTube videos and other information which becomes more accessible to candidates.  

With JoVo, we let HR managers and companies to get a first impression on the candidates before spending many hours and much time on interviews and meetings with candidates who may fit to other organizations in their nature. JoVo lets know when you share common friends and interests with the potential candidates. 

Here are a few reasons why people LOVE JoVo:

• JoVo is cost-effective for employers and is FREE for candidates. It takes only few seconds to set up... but saves so much time! 

• Videos, videos and... videos... of candidates, of companies.. well.. most of the content is video.  

• Candidates - Get an answer fast. If you are found not compatible with a specific job you apply- you will probably get an answer quickly than usual. It will save you time and you can focus on your next job search. 

• Employers - Get an easy-to-use interface, on mobile, with all you need to decide wether you want to proceed with a certain candidates or not.

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