H2 Energy Now
Storing alternative energy
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  • Established At:2012
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  • Phone:972-52-569-7906
  • Address:4/6 Hogla, Be'er Sheva, Israel 84720

Project Overview:

H2 Energy Now is on the way to developing the world’s most efficient and cost-effective hydrogen energy storage system. We have a working proof of principal prototype.

 The Need – Intermittent energy (wind/solar) producers are looking to store energy to consistently send power to the electric grid. Several wind farms are now shut down for inability to submit energy when the grid needs it. 

Current Status:

 Proof of Concept – May 2015

 PCT-IL2013-050858, USA 14-436,913 European 13849162.6

 Commercializing the prototype;

 18 months from market

 Graduated a 6 month accelerator TheHive Ashdod by Gvahim - accelerator program

Key Investment Merits:

 Experienced and dedicated team with multiple high profile advisors

 Founder invested $110,000

 Recognized leader in clean tech, awarded $50,000 worth of 3D modeling software from Auto Desk 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

2016 Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year. 

2017 Finalist in Airbus Innovative Technologies to solve the world's problems in Toulouse France

 Complementary membership Israel Advanced Technology Industries 2015, 2016, now member 

 The Solution – H2 Energy Now’s product stores hydrogen energy by separating water by using radio waves. When power is required, stored hydrogen is converted to electricity by a fuel cell or electric generator.

 Features and Benefits:

o Small amount of water creates a large amount of hydrogen

o Prototype functions for both salt and fresh water

o Unique process that utilizes existing technology (radio waves) for a new purpose

o Our customer: power becomes available 24/7, grid stable

o Our customer: shortens their payback on their investment in half 

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