FAN-KEY kerychain re-invented
Question: Beside of your smartphone - what else goes with you every day and all day? Answer ======>Your KEYS !

At FAN-KEY - our goal is to develop a scalable, multi functional + high tech - key holder, that will take your keys to the 21 century...

The potential is there, you hold your keys and play with them all day long, right?
Why didn't anyone develop something serious for key holding?
Well, we did, or we are trying too :)
We already developed the base model, beautiful designed - and already started to ship it to customers around the world.

See it here:

Our next goal is to create an Eco-system of devices that the user can purchase and attach to it's own FAN-KEY.
These devices include low-tech ( bottle opener, scissors, mirror for ladies ) and high tech (blood pressure measure tool, laser light, RFID, etc)
In our view, FAN-KEY will carry devices customized to different users. FAN-KEY will be your personal organizer for things you use on daily basis and you will carry it because it carry your KEYS !

We are looking to raise capital for development and marketing.

Thank you and have have a great FAN-KEY day!
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