With thousands of digital Influencers owning the YouTube space and commanding the attention of millions and millions of people, Crave is in a position to revolutionize the entire social market by providing complete proprietorship to all Creators over their audience. We are a platform that builds custom based apps to support digital media talent who have a significant following and want to break free from the boundaries that they are tied to through third party platforms. 

Crave awards the power to the Influencer by offering them a dedicated spotlight where they not only own the show, but have the ability to co-create and collaborate directly with their fandom. They are now able to dominate their market through their own branded app where they can harness the full attention of their fan base and as a result drive sales, increase engagement and have full access to their audience. 

Crave is disrupting the industry offering a platform that is unmatched by any other on the market. We provide an outlet where Influencers can stream all their social networks into their branded app on top of live streaming, polls, co-creation on content, custom UX features and autonomy over user data. Our vision is to revolutionize the digital space for Creators and change the way Influencers run their business.


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