Gold Ventures Incubator
Even if you boot-strapped, you CAN have it all!

Accelerators, Hubs, Communal work spaces, Incubators…you name them, the Start-up nation has them all and every day new ones are born. The common denominator to all of them is a passion for and a strong focus on innovation.

When the idea for starting Gold Ventures Incubator was born in the mind of serial entrepreneur Kobi Kalderon, it came from a different place, the passion for making the world a better place, helping people achieve new goals and promote success. It is that focus on the human behind the Start-up that broke the ground for the new concept technology incubator, which is GVI.

What’s different about GVI is that we shifted the focus from the venture to the entrepreneur, and in doing so we realized that what entrepreneurs really need is not just a place to work or just funding or just winning a competition – they need it all, combined, in one convenient place. They need a helping hand in the form of mentors, education, services they can afford without compromising on quality and professionalism. 

With over 30 years of cumulative experience in entrepreneurship, business development and innovation, we put together a winning team, connected with powerful partners and created an array of affordable services, to help you – the visionary – bring your idea to life.

Gold Ventures Incubator is your one stop shop for success. We realize that without the human factor, the dreamer who wakes up in the morning with a brilliant idea, there would be no innovation and no entrepreneurship. We also know that starting a venture is stressful and that funding is not the only thing an entrepreneur needs. At GVI we are focused on you. We are here to help you get all you need quickly, efficiently and professionally, so you can be prepared to for the next step and raise the big funds.