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Welcome to StartBaseIL,


StartBaseIL is a free database of the Israeli startup scene. The database is part of StartIsrael – Israel's entrepreneurship portal.


StartBaseIL is divided to three main sections: Startups companies, Investors and Services.


At the startups section you may find startups' profile pages with up-to-date information, such as general details, investments and team info.


The Investors section hosts profiles of VC's, accelerators, incubators and angel investors.


The Services section hosts profiles of companies which are relevant to startups, such as patent attornies, graphic design, app developers, etc.


StartBaseIL is an open database where entrepreneurs and companies may submit their information, and after validation and verification, the information becomes public.


For any question, suggestion and info correction, you can contact us at the contact page or at: contact@startisrael.co.il


StartBaseIL team.